Air compressor compression principle

(1) Inhalation process: Motor drive/internal combustion engine rotor, when the tooth groove space of the master and slave rotors turns to the opening of the intake end wall, the space is large, and the outside air is filled in it. The air between the tooth grooves is sealed between the main and slave rotors and the casing to complete the suction process. (2) Compression process: At the end of the suction, the closed volume formed by the tooth peaks of the main and slave rotors and the casing decreases with the change of the rotor angle, and moves in a ... Read More

Structural principle of screw air compressor

Basic structure of screw air compressor: In the body of the compressor, a pair of intermeshing helical rotors are arranged in parallel. Usually, the rotor with convex teeth outside the pitch circle is called male rotor or male screw. The rotor with concave teeth in the pitch circle is called the female rotor or the female screw. Generally, the male rotor is connected with the prime mover, and the male rotor drives the female rotor to turn the last pair of bearings on the rotor to achieve axial positioning and bear the pressure of the compressor. axial force. Cylindrical roller ... Read More

What is a screw air compressor

Screw air compressor is a kind of air compressor, there are two kinds of single and double screws. The invention of the twin-screw air compressor is more than ten years later than the single-screw air compressor, and the design of the twin-screw air compressor is more reasonable and advanced. The twin-screw air compressor overcomes the disadvantages of unbalanced and easily damaged bearings of the single-screw air compressor, and has the advantages of long life, low noise, and more energy saving. After the technology matured in the 1980s, its application scope is expanding day by day. It has become an inevitable ... Read More

Advantages of screw air compressor

High performance and high efficiency Air compressor equipment-screw air compressor adopts high-capacity compression components, and its rotor outer circle speed is low and achieves optimal oil injection, achieving high efficiency and high reliability. Until 2012, the manufacturer’s design can ensure that the system temperature and compressed air temperature are extremely low. Guarantees optimum cooling and maximum service life for all components. Drive concept Air Compressor Equipment – Screw air compressors drive compression components at the optimum speed for the application through an efficient transmission system. It is completely maintenance-free during normal operation. It has the advantages of free maintenance, high ... Read More